Welcome to Darin's Pig Pen!

Darin's Pig Pen-- Thoughts from nearly 50 years of life in the swine industry from barnyard to board room. 

Welcome to the Pig Pen! Here we will discuss swine industry issues ranging from commercial production to the show ring. I've been very fortunate in my nearly 50 years on this planet to be presented with so much opportunity and wonderful experiences in an industry for which I have a strong passion. My journey in this industry has taken me to many corners of the world and given me experiences I could never have dreamed of growing up as a scrawny, ornery, red-headed farm kid in southern Wisconsin. I've worked alongside such incredibly gifted people from whom I've learned so much in so many different facets of the industry. I could never adequately repay those who have helped me to reach this point in my life thus far, but it is my intention to share as much as I can with those who share my passion for the swine industry, with hope that I can help others as others have helped me. This is the place I've chosen to share my experiences.

Welcome. I hope you find something enjoyable and useful here. -Darin