Consulting & Management

We Offer Professional Services

Cerdos, LLC provides a broad range of consulting and management services for the swine industry. Whether you need a full team of trained managers and laborers to operate your production facility, a monthly production audit to help identify and resolve areas of weakness, or just some occasional help with specific issues, we are here to help.

Genetic Management

  • Customize genetic plan for your operation
  • Nucleus and multiplier management using BLUP and gene markers
  • In-house gilt replacement programs

Sow Farms

  • Management and labor
  • Monthly audits
  • Troubleshooting

Boar Studs

  • Management and labor
  • Monthly audits
  • Quality-control monitoring
  • Troubleshooting

Supporting Industry Companies

  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Genetics Suppliers
  • Feed Suppliers
  • Veterinary Consultants