Why order a Simplecount Sperm Kit™?

SimpleCount Sperm Kit™ is the fast, easy way to check semen motility and sperm cell count. You have a lot invested in your sow herd. You’ve got a great set of females that you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into (not to mention your money) to make your herd elite. You’ve done your homework. You know exactly when to breed your elite sows. You’ve chosen the perfect sires. You’re spending a considerable amount of money on semen to make that next generation of winners. There’s one crucial step you need to take before inseminating those sows.


Check that semen

Your semen supplier is likely doing a great job of analyzing and preparing semen doses. However, once the semen leaves their farm the quality is out of their control. Besides, even the best, most professional boar studs can make a mistake. Before you breed your best females with that expensive semen, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing the sperm cell count is correct and the semen has acceptable motility.

The SimpleCount Sperm Kit™ is the fast, easy way to check not only the motility of your semen dose, but also the sperm count. You can rest assured knowing that when you inseminate your sows, there are enough good cells to ensure pregnancy and good litter size. 


Live Demonstration: Calculating Motility and Concentration of Prepared Semen Doses using the SimpleCount Sperm Kit


SimpleCount Sperm Kit Includes:

10 CellVision counting-chamber slides, pipette, tips and complete instructions.
$62 (shipping included)

Additional Supplies
CellVision counting-chamber slides
Includes: 25 slides per box, 2 chambers in each slide (50 tests).
$80 (includes shipping and extra pipette tips)

Pipette Tips – 200ul Bag of 100 tips
$10 plus shipping

SimpleCount Sperm Kit
Add-On Pack
For crude semen analysis (on-farm boar collection) Includes: 200ul pipette, tips, test tubes, caps, tube rack, complete instructions.
$245 (includes shipping)

Test Tubes with Caps
2mm Bag of 100 tubes with caps.
$15 plus shipping

Monocular Microscope
$280 plus shipping

Binocular Microscope
$375 plus shipping

Slide Warmer
$185 plus shipping

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