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What is Fertify™?

Fertify™ is a specially-formulated nutritional supplement designed to improve fertility and reproductive performance in all species of livestock. Fertify™ contains a unique blend of high- purity, nutrient-dense components proven to improve fertility in multiple species. Fertify™ is rich with specific-source Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories, vitamins, minerals and two proven fertility-boosting proprietary herbal super-supplements. 


Improvement in boars

Fertify™ is fed to males at a rate of 1/4lb. to 1/2lb. per day either as a top-dress or as part of a complete diet. Fertify™ works in males to improve the quality and quantity of sperm cells and total volume of semen produced in each ejaculate. Fertify™ also improves libido in males and can help to reduce dependence on lutalyse and other stimulants to encourage mounting for collection. Antioxidants in Fertify™ make their way into the seminal plasma and help to improve the fertile storage life of unfrozen semen.


Improvement in gilts & sows

Fertify™ is fed to females at a rate of 1/4lb. to 1/2lb. per day either as a top-dress or as part of a complete diet. Fertify™ works in females to help with the onset of estrus, produce stronger heat cycles, improve ovulation rates, improve conception rates, improve embryo survival rates and ultimately lead to more live births. Fertify™ helps to wean heavier, more robust offspring while helping the female rebreed quickly.


When can I expect results?

Fertify™ must be fed to males for a minimum of 6-8 weeks (the amount of time it takes for spermatogenesis) before results can be expected in boars. Average improvements of 9 billion healthy sperm cells per collection have been seen in boars. Sperm concentration in bull semen has been improved by as much as 40%. Fertify™ should be fed continuously to maintain improved levels of semen production, however the results typically last several weeks after discontinuing Fertify™ supplementation.

Supplementing sows and gilts with Fertify™ for several weeks pre-breeding can help improve conception rates by 10%. Continuing supplementation through the gestation period
can help improve litter size by an average of 1 pig per litter. Supplementing cows and heifers with Fertify™ can help produce an average 16% improvement in conception and calving rates.