Why is CellVision Better?

Easy to Use

Fill & Count glass slides with separate counting chambers and a fixed coverslip. Our slides fitted with counting grids have the same dimensions and identical image as re-usable hemocytometers. Also available without built-in grid for CASA systems.


Eliminates non-hygienic and time consuming cleaning procedures associated with re-usable counting devices. Reduces the risk of exposure to potentially infectious material.


Precise fixed depth counting chambers with superior accuracy and reproducibility at a very comfortable price level.


CellVision slides are produced using a specially-treated glass with a specialized glue applied robotically. The cover glass is then attached robotically to a precise depth. A special glass coating prevents air bubble formation and eliminates the interaction between semen and glass. As a result the chambers show a smooth sample fill. 

Chamber Design

An even distribution of semen throughout the chamber is achieved by a considered chamber design. The height of the cover glass (chamber depth) on every slide is then checked using a laser interferometer. Next, further testing is done on random samples to actually fill the chambers with colored liquid and double-check depth with spectrophotometry. These slides are discarded after testing. The QC process is extensive. The chamber depth is 20 micron with a tolerance of +/- 5% (19 - 21 micron).

Compared to Competitors

Competitors’ slides are produced using a silk-screen process to apply the glue. The slides are then baked and the glue rises to create the chamber depth. This process is less accurate, creating more variability. These slides have a tolerance of +/- 10% (18 - 22 micron). Their QC process tests only 500 slides per 20,000 as opposed to the CellVision which laser-tests every slide. These slides have been known to occasionally have toxicity issues. We have not experienced this issue with CellVision slides.

What Do We Offer?


  •      Semen Analysis 
  •      Special Glass Coating
  •      Smooth Sample Fill
  •      Even Distribution of Semen
  •      Non-Toxic, GoodMotility
  •      High Precision, Most Accurate
  •      Easy to Use
  •      Manual Analysis and CASA Systems

CellVision 1020-4cv are sold 25 slides per box, 36 boxes per carton, 2 cartons per master case.

CV 1020-10 2-Chamber
with Grid Lines for Manual Counting

This is a very convenient product to double-check concentrations and much more simple in comparrison to using a hemacytometer.


Simply load the chambers and count one row of squares. The number of cells in one row will give you the concentration in millions per ml. Count 2 rows in each chamber and average the counts. You'll have a pretty accurate and quick check of concentration.


These can also be used to calculate concentration of crude semen for dilution in the absence of a spectrophotometer, CASA or other method of concentration analysis. 

CellVision 1020-10cv are sold 25 slides per box, 36 boxes per carton, 2 cartons per master case. Call or email for pricing or to place an order.